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Flight OACN15

  • Flown By: David Murphy
  • Client Type: CCFTracker Free
  • Date Flown: 21/01/2016
  • Departure Airport: La Ronge, Sask (CYVC)
  • Arrival Airport: Pelican Narrows (CJW4)
  • Route: DCT
  • Distance: 87 nm
  • Aircraft Flown: VINTAGE (PH-OAV)
  • Flight Time: 00.27.47
  • Flight Arrived: --- Early ---
  • Flight Type: Charter
  • Landing Rate: -973 ft/pm
  • Landing Report: !! CRASH !! CRASH !! CRASH !! CRASH !! CRASH !! CRASH !!
  • PIREP Status: Rejected
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(Load=21 units, either pax or lbs of cargo, @ € 199.00 per unit)
€ 4,179.00
Fuel Cost:
(41 lbs of fuel used @ € 0.10 per pound)
€ 4.10
Pilot Pay:
(This pilot earns € 100.00 per hour)
€ 27.00
(Landing fees, maintenance, insurance, taxes, saleries, food ECT)
€ 1,237.73
Net Revenue:
€ 2,910.17

Additional Log Information:

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[20:13:10z] Recording started...n[20:13:10z] User Aircraft: Mooney Bravo Retron[20:13:10z] Flight Phase: Boardingn[20:14:02z] Flaps 2 at 1272 ft MSL with 0KIASn[20:14:13z] Engine 1 startedn[20:14:41z] Parking Brake releasedn[20:14:49z] Flight Phase: Taxi Outn[20:15:07z] Flight Phase: TakeOffn[20:15:20z] Flaps 1 at 1285 ft MSL with 75KIASn[20:15:28z] Gear Up at 1352 ft MSL with 79KIASn[20:15:56z] Flight Phase: Climbingn[20:22:04z] Flaps 0 at 6180 ft MSL with 153KIASn[20:25:28z] Flight Phase: Cruisen[20:31:41z] Flight Phase: On Approachn[20:33:37z] Gear Down at 4734 ft MSL with 151KIASn[20:33:44z] Flaps 2 at 4562 ft MSL with 145KIASn[20:33:49z] Flight Phase: Level Flightn[20:33:58z] Flight Phase: On Approachn[20:34:09z] Flight Phase: Level Flightn[20:34:11z] Flight Phase: On Approachn[20:34:16z] Flight Phase: Level Flightn[20:34:17z] Flight Phase: On Approachn[20:34:34z] Flight Phase: Level Flightn[20:34:34z] Flight Phase: Climbingn[20:34:39z] Flight Phase: Level Flightn[20:34:40z] Flight Phase: On Approachn[20:35:10z] Flight Phase: Landingn[20:35:17z] Flight Phase: Go Aroundn[20:35:25z] Flight Phase: Landingn[20:38:13z] Touchdown with a vertical speed of -3973ft/minn[20:38:13z] Landedn[20:38:13z] Flight Phase: Taxi Inn[20:39:06z] Flight Phase: Go Aroundn[20:39:33z] Flight Phase: Landingn[20:40:21z] Flight Phase: Taxi Inn[20:40:44z] Flaps 0 at 1001 ft MSL with 0KIASn[20:42:33z] Parking Brake setn[20:42:33z] Flight Phase: Arrivedn[20:42:41z] Engine 1 stoppedn[20:43:21z] Recording stoppedn[20:43:21z] Max. Simrate: 1xn[20:43:21z] Client: CCFTracker Freen[20:43:21z] Client Version: 1.0n

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